fabrik is evolving.

After 20 years, Founding Director Johnny Rath has sold the business to its employee team as it becomes a 100% Employee Owned Trust. As we look to the future, we will be able to pursue our mission more than ever – to design and build better places, and to improve the physical and mental health of the communities through engagement with sustainably designed and natural landscapes.

fabrik has been hugely fortunate in 20 years of trading to have worked with many incredibly talented and generous people, who are all part of the fabrik story to date.

Our success is based entirely on the skills, commitment, and loyalty of those people. This has allowed us to appoint a new Operating Board from within the business of experienced and long-serving staff, supported by emerging talent for the future, giving us a solid, dynamic and forward-looking management team. The Operating Board will be supported by Johnny Rath as the Chair of the Trustee Board and Company Secretary.

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