Despoina Kouinoglou

Despoina Kouinoglou
Despoina Kouinoglou BA (Agriculture & Horticulture) MLA CMLI
Associate Landscape Architect London 020 7620 1453

Despoina is a chartered Landscape Architect who joined fabrik in early 2023, bringing with her diverse experience in both UK and international projects, across a variety of scales. She has worked on numerous public realm schemes, as well as business parks, solar farms, residential and multi-use development schemes, both in urban and rural locations. Her experience includes developments that form parts of new towns, expansion of existing urban settlements and urban regeneration schemes. Her passion and focus lie in the creation of nature-based landscapes that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and climate-resilient, and which positively impact the social structures of the human environment. This passion led her to gain international experience in the educational and humanitarian sector, where she has been involved in developing new spatial design methodologies, organising educational programs and editing several books and catalogues. Despoina is currently volunteering with the Humanitarian Landscape Collective.

Associate Landscape Architect London

020 7620 1453