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Together, we create the places that people inhabit and move through.

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We are makers of climate-resilient, sociable places

We are here for people, nature and the planet. Our priority is to serve the communities who use our schemes by improving their quality of life, mental health and well-being, and aid nature and our planet by restoring biodiversity, reducing pollution and drawing down carbon. We care deeply about people’s lives and memories – fabrik exists to create a more equitable and greener future.

Who we are
Who we are

Exploring how the climate impacts our masterplans

We have worked with fabrik on a number of our sites, engaging them for both masterplanning and landscape and can’t recommend them more highly . With design, landscape and placemaking at the forefront of our schemes we thoroughly enjoy working with fabrik and we always know they will produce the most sensitively designed schemes, giving us the best chance at obtaining planning permission

Chris Peters, Director, JPP

Multi-disciplinary mediators—making connections and balance

We connect, listen to and understand all parties within a project—this makes us effective mediators. We believe that balance and harmony across disciplines and interests are critical in getting the best results. We balance the interests of developers and local communities – we find common ground between social responsibility and commerciality. It is our multidisciplinary expertise and cognitive diversity that enables us to do this. Our team is made up of landscape architects, landscape planners, urban designers, masterplanners, horticulturists, arboriculturists and technical delivery directors.

Who we are
Who we are

Inclusive collaboration is central to our values

Established in 2003

Our team is some 50-strong and includes energetic, committed and highly talented people with a diverse set of skills, many of whom have been part of our journey from the outset.  We nurture the strengths of the individuals that make up our team, and encourage creativity and a vigorous interchange of ideas.

Our core skills are landscape planning, masterplanning, urban design, landscape design and arboriculture. We deploy these skills in the residential, leisure, healthcare, education and commercial sectors for a wide range of private and public sector clients on a diverse portfolio of both regeneration and greenfield sites. We work on projects across the UK, from as far north as Inverness all the way south to the Isle of Wight, and from Great Yarmouth in the east to Newquay in the west.  

Today, we are a creative, independent, 100% employee-owned organisation of urban designers, landscape architects and arboriculturists with a mission to design and build better places, and to improve the physical and mental health of the communities through engagement with sustainably designed and natural landscapes. 

Who we are

Woodberry Down © Simon Winson

Who we are

East Wick and Sweetwater © Balfour Beatty & Places for People

Our people are our greatest asset

Our team