Isobel Duggan

Isobel Duggan
Isobel Duggan BSc MSc Dip MRTPI
Senior Associate Urban Designer London 020 7620 1453

Isobel emerged as an urban designer from a well-rounded background of social geography and spatial planning. She strives to create places and spaces in which people enjoy living, working and being, testing the design with the simple question – would she want to live or work there herself? Isobel has had the opportunity to work on a range of projects, from small-scale detailed infill sites to large-scale high-level masterplans. Isobel enjoys the varied nature of urban design, constantly improving her skills and continuing her professional development through learning from each project, bolstered by frequently attending talks from groups such as the Urban Design Group, Academy of Urbanism and London Society. She thrives working in a team, both internally with her colleagues and externally with the design team and client.

Senior Associate Urban Designer London

020 7620 1453