Jennifer Beckett

Jennifer Beckett
Jennifer Beckett BA (Hons) MA
Project Landscape Architect London 020 7620 1453

Jennifer is a Project Landscape Architect with a background in archaeology, which enables her to approach projects from a different perspective. Since joining fabrik in 2020, she has gained a broad range of experience and provides input to the landscape planning and design process. Jennifer supports landscape planning by applying the techniques of landscape and visual assessment to help shape proposed developments through the planning process. Her experience lies predominantly with residential schemes, including those in sensitive landscapes. Jennifer also provides  landscape design expertise, developing ideas for emerging projects and assisting the delivery of high quality residential schemes and landscape regeneration projects.  She enjoys the varied nature of projects and continues to look for opportunities to address current social, economic and environmental issues. She strives to grow as a professional and constantly develops her skills through learning from each project.

Project Landscape Architect London

020 7620 1453